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Build Company Morale with Michigan Photo Booths

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In today’s economy, companies are looking for effective ways to grow their business. When you look at any firm, their employees are their greatest assets. They directly interact with customers, and employee retention is key to cost reduction. If you are planning a team event, a photo booth rental is a great way to boost company morale. Read our article below to learn more about creating a positive environment for your co-workers.

Everyone has seen a photo booth at least once in their life. They are a nostalgic way to capture memories. You don’t have to plan a large scale event to have a photobooth. Guests could have a great time in the booth at the office while they are on their lunch breaks. Photobooths can quickly boost productivity in the workplace. Imagine everyone laughing it up in the booth with their co-workers.

Bring on the Fun

There are many ways to keep the event fun and unique. Try throwing a surprise party. Decorate a storage room and tell employees to dress to impress. You could even give the team building party a theme. Your photo booth can match the theme by incorporating colors and slogans into the photo booth design message area. This goes on the bottom of every photo. We also encourage you to bring props to help loosen guests up. Nothing is more priceless than seeing your boss wear big sunglasses with a clown wig.

Show off Your Scrapbook

Reputable photo booth companies in Michigan give duplicate copies of photo strips. One half goes to guests and the other half goes to the planning committee. There are many ways to use your half of the photo. A common way is to scrapbook them while employees leave messages in the book. This scrapbook can be placed in the foyer or break room. Just think of all the amazing comments your employees, clients, and suppliers will give you.

Photos around the Office

If you opt out of the scrapbook idea, you still have options for your other half of the photo. You could surprise the employees and tape photos around the office. Do it on every floor of the building. Co-workers will be laughing throughout the week as they walk up and down your hallways.

Harness the Intranet

Bigger companies will use an intranet to educate employees. This is a great way to communicate the success of the photo booth from the team building event. Why not post a video on the website showing co-workers in action? You could even include comments of their initial reactions. This is just another way to generate buzz with employee morale.

Who’s the Most Photogenic

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. If you read the paragraph above, then you might consider hosting a contest on your company website. You could have customers, suppliers, and employees rate who was the best ‘photoboother’. Put a deadline on the contest and watch how competition brings out the best people.

As you can see there are many benefits from having a photobooth at your upcoming company morale event. You could do a combination of ideas to get co-workers energized about your company’s message. Whatever the message is, just remember to keep it fun and keep it going.

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  1. Diana Bair says:

    Nice and very informative blog post. For better party decorators we need good photo booth rentals and this post will help in this regard


    Robert Reply:

    Thanks for the kind words Diana. We’re glad to hear that other professionals are always looking to better the industry. Hope all is well in Iowa : )


    Diana Bair Reply:

    Absolutely Robert…


  2. Thanks for your awesome and informative tips.


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